Enegry TourDevelopment

in the area of Lovászi


The Municipality of Lovászi is the leading partner in a cross-border cooperation project to develop a cross-border energy thematic route in the border region of Zala, in cooperation with the Municipality of Lenti, the Municipality of Gosztola and the Croatian town of Mursko Središće. The route will run between Lenti and Muraszerdahely, presenting the industrial traditions of Zala and transforming them into a modern, attractive tourist product.

After its renovation, the Lovász bunker will become one of the unique tourist attractions of Zala County: the bunker’s ventilation system and mechanical equipment will be renovated and an underground interactive exhibition will be created, presenting the history and function of the facility, the surrounding attractions and tourist services, all in a modern, multilingual virtual exhibition. The future Energy Tour route will link the region’s energy-themed attractions, connecting the villages of Lenti, Gosztola, Lovászi and Muraszerdahely in Croatia. Considering the distances involved, the thematic route will be designed as a cycling route. In addition to the signposts, a total of ten tourist information panels have been installed in Hungarian and Croatian areas, presenting the industrial and natural heritage of the area.