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in the area of Muraszerdahely


Cimper Mining Memorial House

An interpretive centre for mining has been established in the old coal separator. With the help of rich multimedia tools and artefacts, visitors can learn about various topics, from the origin of coal itself, through the world history of mining, to the history of the local coal mines Ugljenik Peklenica, Kraljić&Majhen and Međimurje. The visitor can learn about the mining community, but also about the work done by the miners, the impact of mining on the community itself, and the health and other problems caused by coal mining. From the Energy Tour project, storytelling was created for the exhibition, and multimedia equipment with the necessary applications was acquired to make the interpretation possible.

The first oil well memorial park

A memorial park for oil extraction was created in the meadow next to the Brodec stream, next to the living oil well. In the park, 3 triples, oil pumping systems, oil wagons used to transport oil to the Murski Središće railway station, several benches and stacks, and interpretive panels tell visitors the history of oil extraction in Peklenica and the oil industry in the Murski Središće area. The park is suitable for children’s games, board games, walks, etc.