Opening of the Iron Curtain Museum in Lovasi

May 23, 2023

Turning left towards the Oil Miner’s House of Culture, you will find the museum, which was funded by a competition. The exhibition space includes local history and artefacts related to the former border defences, but there is also a siren that used to be located on top of the bunker. The main tourist attraction in Lovasi is the bunker, which has been renovated, with a new ventilation system and machinery, and an interactive exhibition with information-rich displays and projections. At the front of the cellar, five panels provide detailed information on the history of the oil mined in the town since the 1940s.

Moving on through the labyrinth of the former shelter, visitors can listen to stories from the past on old-style telephones, learn about the history of the village from its first written mention to the present day through a projected presentation, and in the command room, visitors can operate the control panel following the commander’s instructions and even experience an air raid warning system.

It takes around an hour and a half to tour the museum and the air raid cellar. Longer bunker tours are also organised, during which participants can explore the Cold War memories of the border region with a tour guide. Visitors are welcome by appointment from Tuesday to Saturday. The programmes are popular, welcoming more than a thousand visitors each year.

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